Mia and the Monsters: The Monsters Help Out

Hardcover | Written by Neil Christopher, illustrated by Sigmundur Thorgiersson

Mia knows how important it is to keep the land clean. As Mia picks up garbage around her tent, she comes across her monster friends. They are all doing something to help their community. Learn about the different ways the monsters are helping out, and why Mia is proud of each of her friends.

Available: December 2020
Dimensions: 44 pages, 9” x 10″
Category: Fiction
Ages: 3–5
Language: English and Inuktitut
English ISBN: 978-1-77450-041-5 | Hardcover | $18.95
Inuktitut ISBN: 978-1-77450-042-2 | Paperback | $14.95